Médoc Export Union des Caves du Médoc Over 50 brands and châteaux

As a major player in the region since 2004, l’Union des Caves du Médoc (UCM) represents about 50 brands and châteaux, Grand Cru Classé, Crus Bourgeois, and AB certified wines.

UCM is a grouping of cooperative wine cellars and independent winegrowers. UCM brings you its sales and logistics team’s experience, for all your purchases of wines from the Bordeaux region.

Present in 21 countries, working with more than 200 customers, 60% of which are international, Médoc Export is an essential contact for wine professionals.

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Médoc Export Our product range AOC Wines (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée)

The AOC wines Médoc Export selects for its customers come from the Bordeaux region, directly from the producers.

Quality, environmental commitment, representativeness of a terroir, value and know-how of a winegrower—those are all criteria we assess before the Médoc Export sales team select the wines.

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UCM is a group of producers representing cooperative wineries and independent winegrowers.

Respect for the environment
The importance of vineyard quality
Le respect de l'environnement
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